Our work with health

Founded in 1998, Eclectica focuses on health-related research, training and initiatives together with other public and private organizations. Thanks to a dedicated multidisciplinary work group, Eclectica has become a valued partner for local, national and international agencies and institutions embarking on innovative, integrated projects targeting organizations and communities.

Health, well-being, lifestyles: these are the areas where Eclectica provides consulting services and assistance in all stages of the process, from analyzing needs and planning, right through to implementing projects and assessing their impact. 

Headquartered in San Salvario, a historic neighborhood of Torino that stands as an example of successful integration and innovation, Eclectica has a global outlook that’s firmly rooted in its local setting. International experience and local embeddedness come together in a professional approach that makes the most of individual skills and participatory processes.



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For over 10 years, Eclectica has made a mark for itself on the regional, national and international social research scene with its work in health-related issues, where it investigates individual behaviors as well as social and health policies.

Our work has always been distinguished for scientific rigor, using quantitative and qualitative methods selected on the basis of each study’s knowledge goals. We rely on a multidisciplinary investigation approach, involving professionals with different areas of competence, at different levels. In our philosophy, research is one of the mainsprings of social action, so the approach we use can often be regarded as action research, as the parties who will design and develop social policies or actions participate alongside the researchers in the work group.

One of our prime areas of interest are the phenomena associated with the use of alcohol and other legal and illegal mind-altering substances, and its motivational and structural aspects. In this area, Eclectica is a leading Italian center for qualitative studies of alcohol consumption, as it is part of numerous international research groups.

Our research work covers a broad span of topics:

  • Alcohol: alcoholic behaviors, marketing of alcoholic beverages, consumption and policies at the workplace, organization of treatment services, alcohol-related problems
  • Drugs: consumption, market changes, effectiveness of service responses, effectiveness of drug control policies
  • Road safety: driver behavior, effectiveness of preventive measures
  • Labor: re-employment of people with disabilities, consumption of legal and illegal substances, health promotion
  • Health: key informant and public perceptions, behaviors and lifestyles, health profiles and plans, planning and policies
  • Social campaigns: approval and efficacy.

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