Eclectica provides educational programs for health promotion and preventive health professionals, as well as for anyone whose work involves dealing with today’s society and its changing lifestyles, and consumption patterns and attitudes towards well-being.

For us, training is a way to support people, groups and institutions along the road to individual and collective change. Our educational programs identify and test different approaches to interpreting and representing health and the problems it entails, stimulating the processes involved in learning skills, methods and tools that can guide day-to-day action and help participants fulfil their role more effectively.

We provide training in the classroom setting or through distance learning (e-learning). Our educational programs and projects are based on objectives and activities that are shared by everyone involved. All stages of the training process – from design to evaluation –  are thus fully participatory.

Thanks to a team of professionals with different and complementary areas of expertise, we can offer a full training service. We develop course content, organize the program and prepare teaching materials, screen instructors and monitor their work.

In conducting our training programs, we use active learning methods based on working in small groups, direct involvement of all participants, and leveraging their prior experience and skills.

With their focus on health and well-being, our training activities cover three main topic areas:

  • Preventing high-risk behaviors among adolescents
  • Effective communication
  • Teaching methods and tools

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