Methodological support

Cos-p for social workers

Group meetings involving social workers (educators and social workers) to address together the issues relating to parenting support, the difficulties... View Article

A misura di famiglia

Parenting support courses aimed at promoting the well-being of mothers in the first year of their children’s life. Co-planning of... View Article


Project aimed at the prevention of car accidents due to driving while intoxicated or under the influence of drugs in... View Article

Hikikomori 2.0

The project aims to experiment with integrated interventions to counter the phenomenon of social withdrawal (hikikomori) and to early intercept... View Article

New Wor(l)ds

Analysis of the activities and initiatives carried out within the project aimed at promoting active aging and community empowerment. Creation... View Article

PON Inclusione

Methodological support to the multidisciplinary team of CISS 38 – Consorzio Intercomunale dei Servizi Socio-Assistenziali: analysis of the needs of... View Article


Promoted by the Municipality of Cuneo and funded with the contribution of the Compagnia di San Paolo, the project consists... View Article