Eclectica’s enterprising spirit ensures a client- and results-oriented approach. For each client, we set up an ad hoc work group to deal with the specific goals and make the most of the individual skills that the client’s staff can offer. When necessary, we also draw on the multidisciplinary talents of our professional associates.

We can thus support public agencies or private organizations in one or all stages of a process: determining needs, project design, implementing measures, creating teaching and communication materials, monitoring, and assessing results.

Our consulting services aim to transmit the skills and methods our clients need to be as independent as possible.

Over the last ten years, Eclectica has specialized in providing guidance and backup for participatory processes in a range of areas and sectors (prevention, social inclusion, health policies and many more).

Focus areas:

  • Participatory planning (Health Plans and Profiles, Regional Mental Health Plan)
  • Risk prevention (traffic accidents, nightlife)
  • Adolescence
  • Active ageing
  • Social inclusion
  • Mental health
  • Social withdrawal (hikikomori)

Our consulting projects


Promoted by the Municipality of Cuneo and funded with the contribution of the Compagnia di San Paolo, the project consists of a series of free meetings for mothers and fathers of 0-6 month old babies who wish to share and compare their experiences, talk to experts, find information and advice.


Evaluation and monitoring of policies and intervention on alcohol and alcohol-related problems

On behalf of the ASL TO3, Eclectica provides methodological supervision in two participatory processes, promoted by the Ministry of Health and the State-Regions Conference, which involve experts identified by regions and other representatives of national institutions. The processes – one focused on prevention in the school setting and one on alcohol and driving – include workshops and remote works based on active participation methods, and aim to identify key principles, objectives and shared minimum standards to be presented to the National Alcohol Conference.

#Oltre la soglia

The project, whose title means “Beyond the Threshold” is funded by the CRT Foundation and promoted by the Territorial School Office of Turin, by the Child Neuropsychiatry departments of the Regina Margherita Hospital and of the Local Health Unit of the City of Turin, by the School Network in Hospital and by the Metropolitan City of Turin.

The goal is to experiment collaborative practices between school, family and services to intercept early cases at risk of social withdrawal and to intervene in problematic situations.

Eclectica provides methodological supervision, is responsible for collecting teachers’ training needs (through an online questionnaire), conducts meetings for parents, and coordinates peer education interventions.



Promoting mental wellbeing in the ageing urban population: determinants, policies and interventions in european cities is a Horizon 2020 project, aimed at promoting physical and mental wellbeing of elderly and to evaluate the impact of urban policies on mental health in older age.

Eclectica is collaborating with SEPI (Regional Public Health Observatory, Local Health Board TO3) in order to identify efficient strategies of dissemination and of local and european stakeholders involvement. Eclectica is constructing appropriate participatory methods with Mindmap partners to disseminate project results in their cities.


Well-being board

The project, promoted by Cuneo Municipality, aims at creating a discussion board which advises and makes proposals in relation to the well-being promotion and the active participation of local population. Eclectica is supporting the municipal administration, by offering methodological support in the participatory process aimed at involving experts and citizens.