Methodological support

Eclectica’s enterprising spirit ensures a client- and results-oriented approach. For each client, we set up an ad hoc work group to deal with the specific goals and make the most of the individual skills that the client’s staff can offer. When necessary, we also draw on the multidisciplinary talents of our professional associates.

We can thus support public agencies or private organizations in one or all stages of a process: determining needs, project design, implementing measures, creating teaching and communication materials, monitoring, and assessing results.

Our consulting services aim to transmit the skills and methods our clients need to be as independent as possible.

Over the last ten years, Eclectica has specialized in providing guidance and backup for participatory processes in a range of areas and sectors (prevention, social inclusion, health policies and many more).

Focus areas:

  • Participatory planning (Health Plans and Profiles, Regional Mental Health Plan)
  • Risk prevention (traffic accidents, nightlife)
  • Adolescence
  • Active ageing
  • Social inclusion
  • Mental health
  • Social withdrawal (hikikomori)

Our methodological support projects

4S – Strade Sicure Senza Sostanza

The project has the general purpose of renewing and strenghtening the preventive action of road accidents due to the use of alcohol and illegal psychoactive substances in Bolzano through the combination of different actions that have as main active protagonists young people, and the direct involvement of some “preventive action multipliers”, in particular sports coaches and instructors and driving school instructiors, and of all the stakeholders in the area.

Comune di Bolzano

2022 – 2023

Capacity Building – Giovani in contatto

Experiental and participatory capacity building process aimed at soliciting a trasversal work of analysis and empowerment of skills with the aim of making the partners and stakeholder, winners of “Giovani in contatto”, promoted by Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Cuneo, more solid in being promoters of esperimentation paths, mobilization of resources and effective partnerships.

2022- 2023


European Workshop INCL – Invecchiare bene

Organization and realization of a European workshop, commissioned by Monviso Solidale Social Welfare Consortium, entitled “Social isolation of the elderly: what can be done?” within ALCOLTRA INCL Project – Invecchiare bene. Eclectica +, together with other project partners, has identified the speakers and the methodologies useful for the active involvement of the participants in group work. It also provided the secretarial service of the event.

Consorzio socio-assistenziale Monviso Solidale


PON Inclusione

Methodological support to the multidisciplinary team of CISS 38 – Consorzio Intercomunale dei Servizi Socio-Assistenziali: analysis of the needs of fragile families; constitutin of transversal working groups that involve various professionals of the Consortium and/or other external subjects operating at a territorial level in the fight against poverty to strenghten networks and synergies; creation of moments participatory involvement of citizens and subjects in economic fragility followed by the Service; conducting parenting meetings on specific topics; support for the drafting of projects.

Ciss 38 – Consorzio Intercomunale Socio-Assistenziale

2022 – 2023

Nuclei with minors in the first 1000 days of life

Interventions to support fragile parenthood with particular reference to families with minors in the first 1000 days of life. Conducting small group courses for mothers with babies from 0 to 8 months to face baby’s first months. Co-managment, with local operators at the meeting space for mothers and families with children from 0 to 3 years. Involvemente in participatory processes of the stakeholders of educating community.

Ciss 38 – Consorzio Intercomunale Socio-Assistenziale

2021 – 2022

BIG – Bambini Istituzioni Genitori

Methodological support to the project groups for planning training courses for operators, teachers, parent representatives. Conducting of some training modules. Process monitoring and modeling of the experience through the creation of stakeholder inteview, analyses and drafting of reports.


2021 – 2022

Lettori si nasce

Italian project MUSE by MIBACT and the Center for Book and Reading within “Read me 0-6” call. Its goal is to encourage reading aloud among children, promoting courses in kindergartens, hospitals, ostretric centres and specialized centres for cognitive disorders in various Italian cities.

Eclectica was entrusted with the monitoring for the project.

Muse Italia


Hikikomori 2.0 – Interventions to combat social withdrawal

Project supported by Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Cuneo and promoted by Cooperativa Emmanuele in collaboration with the Municipality of Cuneo, Eclectica,, CN1 Local Health Authority and the Consorzio Socio-Assistenziale del Cuneese.

The aim is to build experimental interventions to support the minor and the family in order to slow down and reverse the process of social withdrawal.

Eclectica is responsible for the needs analysis.



Promoted by the Municipality of Cuneo and funded with the contribution of the Compagnia di San Paolo, the project consists of a series of free meetings for mothers and fathers of 0-6 month old babies who wish to share and compare their experiences, talk to experts, find information and advice.


Evaluation and monitoring of policies and intervention on alcohol and alcohol-related problems

On behalf of the ASL TO3, Eclectica provides methodological supervision in two participatory processes, promoted by the Ministry of Health and the State-Regions Conference, which involve experts identified by regions and other representatives of national institutions. The processes – one focused on prevention in the school setting and one on alcohol and driving – include workshops and remote works based on active participation methods, and aim to identify key principles, objectives and shared minimum standards to be presented to the National Alcohol Conference.

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