Methodological support

Eclectica’s enterprising spirit ensures a client- and results-oriented approach. For each client, we set up an ad hoc work group to deal with the specific goals and make the most of the individual skills that the client’s staff can offer. When necessary, we also draw on the multidisciplinary talents of our professional associates.

We can thus support public agencies or private organizations in one or all stages of a process: determining needs, project design, implementing measures, creating teaching and communication materials, monitoring, and assessing results.

Our consulting services aim to transmit the skills and methods our clients need to be as independent as possible.

Over the last ten years, Eclectica has specialized in providing guidance and backup for participatory processes in a range of areas and sectors (prevention, social inclusion, health policies and many more).

Focus areas:

  • Participatory planning (Health Plans and Profiles, Regional Mental Health Plan)
  • Risk prevention (traffic accidents, nightlife)
  • Adolescence
  • Active ageing
  • Social inclusion
  • Mental health
  • Social withdrawal (hikikomori)

Our methodological support projects

Little adults, adults and children: growing well together

Parenting support programme funded by Compagnia di San Paolo and coordinated by Artera association. It is targeted to foreign parents of children aged 0-6 years, living in Porta Palazzo, a neighborhood with a high percentage of immigrants in Turin.

Eclectica is leading group meetings about parenting, listening and handling temper tantrums in toddlers.


The Greatness of Children

Project funded by the social company Con i bambini, and coordinated by the cooperative Insieme a Voi, aimed at extending and enhancing the childcare facilities for children aged 0-6 years. Eclectica provides methodological support and conducts territorial panels.


Hikikomori, young people resistant to social relationships

The project, promoted by Cuneo Municipality, is designed at constructing a safety net around adolescents at risk of social withdrawal with the involvement of the whole educational community.

Eclectica has been part of the coordination group and has been in charge of citizens’ engagement, by carrying out a study on the psychoemotional wellbeing of adolescents in Cuneo.


Support to the Health Promotion Team

Methodological support to operators of two health promotion units of the ASLTO2 in order to strenghten the cohesion and motivation of working group, activate shared reflection processes on working methods and to identify common working methods to be tested.


Attenzioni congiunte – Sistema infanzia

Active participation course of the community (teachers, parents, children of the kindergartens and preschools of the Municipality of Cuneo) to promote an integrated childhood system. Assistance to the control room (back office), management of work tables, acceptance of the needs of the territory, processing of common documents and monitoring tools, development of project communication. Comune di Cuneo


ProxAlcol – Co-planning Course for the prevention of alcohol consumption abuse for adolescents and young people

Methodological support to co-desing, with the operators dealing with addiction prevention in the department, a participatory training on alcohol issues aimed at adolescents and young people from local schools. Sert ASL TO 2


Fuori dal guscio

Project financed by the Municipality of Chivasso. Parenting support course, aimed at parents and children between the ages of 0-6, which aims to promote family well-being and the creation of a social support network, in order to combat educational proverty.


Argento Attivo: live over sixty

Methodological, scientific and organizational support to the coordination table and to the operators involved at national level to carry out the program phases concerning the involvement of “active seniors”. Assistence to the control room, national training, supervision aimed at the “process facilitators” of the active elderly, document processing and monitoring and evaluation tools. Asl CN2


Progetto di housing sociale “Crocevia46”. Part II

Consultancy, techical assistance and methodological support for the development of a partecipatory planning process for the integration of the social housing project into the life of the local community. Caritas Cuneo


Progetto “Alcol e tempo libero”

Technical assistance and methodological support for a partecipatory process aimed at promoting entertainment compatible with the well-being of young people and the right to tranquility of citizens and public places as spaces not only for consumption but also for the exchange of ideas and social growth, and to reduce, in young people, risk behaviors related to the use and abuse of alcholic beverages, with particular attention to driving under alcohol effects. The project saw the active involvement of the managers of the brewery and breweries of Cuneo in order to identify initiatives shared by managers and administration. Comune di Cuneo 


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