For over 20 years, Eclectica has carried out research on lifestyles and high-risk behaviors at the local and international level.

Depending on our research objectives, we employ a variety of methods, including in-depth interviews, in-person and online focus groups, participant observation, online and offline surveys, photovoice, analysis of forums and other web content, regulatory analysis, advertising and communication studies, and secondary data analysis.

Action research is a frequently used approach, as it enables our researchers to work side by side with the people who are directly involved in planning and developing social policies and measures.

One of our prime areas of interest is behavior that can lead to addiction, such as alcohol and drug consumption or gambling. In this area, Eclectica has a prominent role both in Italy and internationally, thanks in no small measure to our participation in such consolidated European networks as the Kettil Bruun Society, the EMDASS (European Master in Drugs and Alcohol Studies) program, and CEAG, the University of Helsinki Centre for Research on Addiction, Control and Governance.

Focus areas:

  • Alcohol: drinking styles and cultures, marketing, policies, prevention, treatment, alcohol-related problems
  • Drugs: consumption, market, prevention, control policies, online forums, the dark net, penal system
  • Gambling: gambling careers, regulations, economy
  • Eating disorders: young people’s representations
  • Hikikomori: prevalence and representations
  • Road safety: driver behavior, preventive measures
  • Health policies: prevention and health promotion, behaviors and lifestyles, participatory planning
  • Social health promotion campaigns and initiatives: approval ratings and effectiveness.

Our research project

Gambling Disorder and access to service. Women and Men gamblers.

Research project with the aim of investigating the characteristics and needs, in terms of treatment, of two specific targets of the GAP service of the Gorgonzola and San Giuliano Milanese clinics. After an analysis of the literature on the phenomenon, we conducted a focus group with a sample of online gamblers, users of the service, and qualitative interviews with female users.

Consultazion of members and Survey on volunteering in the province of Cuneo

The initiative is part of the activities promoted by the Centro Servizi per il Volontariato di Cuneo, in continuity with what was achieved in 2022. The survey has the dual aim of drawing an updated picture of volunteering in the Province of Cuneo, to better understand its characteristics and new trends and contribute to the planning of 2023 activities through consultation with members. Conducting 4 online workshops with participatory methods with CSV members; structured questionnaire addressed to the local units of volunteering.

CSV – Centro Servizi per il Volontariato di Cuneo


Vineyard Project – Experiencing and narrating care, temporality and transformation through the practice of viticulture

Pilot project, promoted by the Mental Health Department of the ASLCN1 and carried out with the contribution of the Associazione per il Patrimonio dei Paesaggi Vitivinicoli di Langhe-Roero e Monferrato (UNESCO site), aimed at involving adolescents and young adults with different forms of mental health problems in the local practices of tending the vineyard, manual harvesting of the grapes and successive phases of the harvest. Carrying out an empirical research conducted with qualitative methods such as participant observation and guided interviews with participants. Conduction of laboratory activities related to the project in the schools of the Alba area and final event of restitution to citizenship.


High Intensity Drinking

International Research Project promoted by the Lifestyle Research Network (LRN) aimed at investigating the cultural aspects (intensions, expectations, consumption style, contexts) related to excessive drinking in three European countries: Italy, Estonia and Denmark.

The study involves young adults and adultg in online focus groups.


The Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Drugs & Mental Health

Commissioned study by the European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction (EMCDDA) aimed at investigating the impact of the Pandemic on the mental health of people who use substance in terms of psychological problems, consumption styles, uncovered needs. The study adopts the “trendspotter” methodology, designed to investigate recent phenomena on which few data exists, and provides for the integrated use of qualitative and quantitative methods: a review of literature and available data; an online questionnaire adressed to experts; a qualitative consultation of experts.


Feasibility study for the opening of a drop-in in Nichelino (Turin)

Sociological investigation, entrust to eclectica by the Department of Addiction Phatology of the ASL TO5 (Nichelino – Turin), aimed at providing the client with useful elements to evaluate opportunities and costraints related to the opening of a low-threshold service. The work includes an identification of the drop-in experiences active at regional and national level, a need analisys (ethnographic research), methodological support for consulting the stakeholder in the area.


Therapeutic supply and demand for gambling disorder

the research analyses the therapeutic demand of users pertaining to the GAP (Pathological Gambling) service of the ASST Melegnano and Martesana at the Gorgonzola and San Giuliano Milanese clinic with the aim of detecting any critical issues relating to data collection, descrive the characteristics of the users in charge of the clinics between 2012 and 2019; collect useful elements for the future planning of the service, and collect useful stimuli for possible future research.


Needs analysis and co-partecipation in the redefinition of “vision” and “mission” of the ‘Centro Servizi Volontariato’ in Cuneo (Piedmont)

The initiative is part of the co-construction activities of the Centre’s vision and mission, to formulate its identity and contribute to the planning of 2022 activities. The main objective is to increase knowledge of the world of volunteering in the territory of Cuneo, focusing attention on needs, changes and new trends in terms of civil commitment.

Eclectica has carried out the analysis of needs and the detection of useful elements to contribute to the path of redifining the identity and roles of the CVS, highlighting opportunities and constraints.

Evaluation of experimental inteventions – ALCOTRA PROSOL – Senior and WE-PRO Proximity

Field investigation and desks in order to identify: methods of providing home services and other proximity services in the several involved territories (distribution of services and access); proximity networks present in the 4 different territories involved (3 in France and 1 Italian); interviews with local operators who initiated the interventions; report for each territory.


JAHEE (Joint Action Health Equity Europe)

Eclectica provided methodological support to the SEPI service of ASLTO3 Turin for the coordination of the European project JAHEE, in particular on the WP4 Policy documents. The action consists in the analysis of the scenario on health inequalities, the implementation of specific actions to combat inequalities in each Participant Country based on the results of the first phase of work and the development of Recommendations based on the results achieved by the actions implemented.


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