For over 20 years, we have designed educational programs about well-being promotion, healthy lifestyles and prevention of high-risk behaviors for healthcare workers, educators, social workers, psychologies and physicians, and well as for anyone involved in educating or looking after others as teachers, parents, or caregivers.

All of our educational programs are developed together with our clients and tailored to their targets and project goals. In conducting our training sessions, we use active learning methods based on working in small groups, direct involvement of all participants, and leveraging their prior experience and skills.

We dedicate the utmost attention to working together with the client to determine each educational program’s goals and acquiring the tools and knowledge that can be put to concrete use in program attendees’ everyday life at the workplace and elsewhere. Upon completion, each program’s outcomes are assessed using methods appropriate to its goals.

Thanks to a longstanding network of professional associates, we can offer a full training service which in addition to teaching includes analyzing needs, developing course content, preparing print and audiovisual teaching materials, and handling all organizational and logistic aspects.

Focus areas:

  • Relational aspects: parenting, team building, caregiving …
  • Preventing high-risk behaviors among adolescents: alcohol and substance abuse, media, bullying, social withdrawal, sexuality, life skills…
  • Promoting active ageing
  • Promoting active organizations
  • Effective communication: conflict management, emotional training …
  • Teaching methods and tools (peer education, media education…)
  • Participatory methods (world cafè, nominal group, process…)

Our training projects

Life Skills and Health Promotion of pre-adolescents

Training course aimed at lower secondary school teachers to promote skills-based teaching through the development of life skills. ULSS Rovigo


Supervisione educativa/pedagogica “Peer 2.0”

Training supervision meetings with educators and operators on the methodology of peer education and on the design of peer education activities. Asl TO 2


Sexually Transmitted Infections: let’s know them, let’s not fear them, course of peer education

Project for the prevention of Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD) aimed at students and teachers of secondary schools bades on the methodology of peer education. Rete di Scuole Superiori di Cuneo e ASL CN1


Nonni Sempre Vigile

Training course on road safety and interpersonal communication strategies aimed at grandparents in the Municipality of Asti.

Comune Asti e  Progectolab


InAdolescenza – Guadagnare Salute

National project born from the agreement between CCM and the Piedmont Region aimed at promoting effective prevention and health promotion strategies in adolescence on five areas (sexuality, road accidents, tobacco-alcohol-substances, nutrition-physical activity, mental health). Coordination of the activities of the national working group, creation of national and regional training courses on peer education in the area of ​​sexuality aimed at health professionals and on teaching techniques for the prevention of road accidents aimed at “preventive action multipliers”.


Tecniche di comunicazione che favoriscono l’apprendimento

Training course – refresher course aimed at teachers and driving school instructors aimed at improving communication skills in the classroom and in the car to encourage students to learn about road safety issues. Consorzio Autoscuola Provincia di Verbania


Percorso formativo – tutoring per gruppi di lavoro

Tutoring training courses with the aim of supporting working groups, such as facility managers and sheltered work center teams, in tackling the multiple organizational problems of the institution or working group and identifying shared and appropriate solutions.

Consorzio Socio Assistenziale Cuneese


CROSS – Corso Regionale Operatori Sicurezza Stradale

Training course on road safety aimed at architects, engineers, technicians of the local authorities of the Piedmont Region aimed at improving the ability to analyse, manage and control interventions in the field of road safety and create synergies between subjects involved at different levels in the field of road safety. Regione Piemonte Assessorato Trasporti


Peer education, life skill, prevenzione al bullismo

Training course aimed at operators of the Avellino health clinics to promote prevention projects for young people.

ASL Avellino


La peer education e le tecniche didattiche attive

Training course aimed at operators of Lecce consultants on methodologies and techniques for managing groups of adolescents in the preventive field. ASL Lecce


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